Amazon tablet fire 8

I am using an Amazon tablet as my keypad. I have managed to set up the camera to activate the screen on motion. I am trying to change the first page upon activation to the keypad. however it is programmed to have an amazon app. by default . Anybody has a fix for this?

Here's what I've gotten working based on various other threads in these forums:

1. Install the Play store to get apps beyond those offered by Amazon - e.g. with

2. install Fully Kiosk to achieve what you've already done - get the camera to activate the screen on motion - and to display a web page or app full screen

3. use MQTT Alarm Control Panel if you prefer a native app look and feel for great usability

or - depending on which home automation system you're using - use HADashboard or other dashboarding options to create a great looking page to display in Fully Kiosk to control the alarm and optionally other components of your automation

If you go with MQTT Alarm Control Panel then you'll need to set up an MQTT broker.

Sorry, wrong link for Fully Kiosk, it's at

read the comments about Fire OS.

If you're willing to do some more work on the HD8 go here:

XDA HD8/10 forum

There are now ways to fully root the HD8 and remove the Amazon lockscreen. All it takes it a bit of reading and some patience. 

I am using a 2017 HD8 rooted with no lockscreen. It is not registered with Amazon so there are no ads. Have not needed to install any of the Google stuff because Fully does all I need.

I’m using a Fire Tablet HD 8 with Action Tiles and Fully Kiosk. I mounted the tablet in the entryway using the surface mount from Makes By Mike  $28. Unlike some other mounts where the tablet slides in from the side, the bevel for this mount snaps over the tablet. This allows mounting close to door molding. Nice and clean, and low profile.

I also added the 12V to 5 V converter which is connected to an A/C adapter that is plugged into a smart plug at the alarm cabinet. Using WebCoRE, the tablet is charged for 2 hours every 4 hours to prevent over charging.

The biggest issue I ran into was SmartThings Home Monitor (STHM) does not work with the new SmartThings App. The workaround can be found on ActionTiles website where you create virtual switches.  Works great!



Makes By Mike:
ActionTiles workaround:

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