Compact status panel options? Amazon Show/Alexa?

I haven't got my Konnected system yet, but I'm trying to plan it all out before I get it. All looks pretty straight forward and excited to replace my antique system with something Smart! 

But one element of uncertainty is I'm looking for something to replace the old original wall keypad, to give at least system status and ideally also ability to arm/disarm. 

Even with the old KeyPad and Alarm it wouldn't be first time that someone has opened a door, to let pets out, without disarming and set off the siren. So really would like a visual status indication directly in the main hallway (off bedrooms and front entry) and ideally also ability to arm/disarm without having to go to main control Tablet or Phone. Is there a way to lock the screen on the Smart Home or able to get quickly to it? 

The Main control hub will be on a Tablet in the Kitchen but I'm looking for something smaller to put in the front Entry area where the old key-pad was - this is ideal location for a status panel as is visible immediately on coming downstairs. 

I could put another Fire Tablet there, but even a 7 or 8 with Wall Mount is probably bigger than I would like (although that may be the simplest option?) 

I'm thinking to use an Amazon Echo Show 5 (about the ideal size and readily wall-mountable with a Genie Mount). I believe you can run Action Tiles on the Browser in the Show, right? I'm thinking a really simple panel for this device, don't necessarily want it to be for much else other than the Alarm Status 

Unlike a Tablet, with a Show I don't think you can lock it on the browser however and it will time out to the home screen - so would need to be relaunched either by voice or Tap to Alexa - I guess that would 'ok', although ideally be right there without having to open 

Any alternative suggestions?