Any options for display panels


I am very new to Konnected but it seems like an awesome project for my house!

In the marketplace I did not see any options to have any display panel (touch screen) that can be mounted on the wall. The integrations with home assistant is great but it will also be great to have a local panel (touch screen) which can be installed near the main door for arming or disarming for convenience.

So just curious if others have explored any options that I may have overlooked?


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I was wondering the exact same question. So far I have found nothing only dead ends....

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I did some research and made some progress. It seems that Konnected can be integrated with variety of applications and home automation platforms like Home Assistant, Google, Alexa to name a few. A better alternative to a panel would be to wall mount a iPad or Kindle device which can do lot more than alarm panel and will have more features as well.

Here is one example of many other options -