How to flash Pro board without usb

I have a Konnected pro board that when I inserted the micro usb cable the whole usb connector came off the board in one piece. I Suspect faulty solder job.

how can you flash the board to the latest firmware without a usb? Is this possible?
Or is the board an unupdateable brick

If you still have the USB part, try holding in-place with your thumb and forefinger during flashing.

It is usually possible to repair if you have the skills/patience. One Reddit user has done it!

This problem with the weak solder on the USB port has been fixed in Alarm Panel Pro v1.7 and newer.

I think that holding the USB socket in place has a good chance of success. Take a look at my before picture on Reddit. The USB socket has 2 pins that fit in 2 holes on the board which ensure the pins will line up with the traces. If you don’t have a complete socket, consider ordering some.

I haven’t been able to identify the specific USB socket that fits the Konnected Pro board. I did find a fit in an assortment of USB sockets.
This socket may be ‘close enough’.

The USB part on the Konnected Pro (v1.6 and older) is part number MK5P.
Since Pro v1.7 we’ve switched to a thru-hole solder part, which has completely solved the problem of the port breaking off.

If you need some spare USB sockets for v1.6 boards, DM me and we can send you some (for free). We have plenty. They’re also on Amazon here.


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I just encountered this issue. I have Pro v1.6, two of them.

Unfortunately one of the USB connector traces is also lifted, one of the data lines.
I am planing to flash ESP Home as recommended to integrate with HA.

Is there any other way without USB?


Good luck. I went to Amazon and purchased usb connector and soldered to board. Not the best solder job. Not all connectors soldered. Found out I could put pressure on connector when flashing and got the board flashed. If that didn’t work the board was a pile of junk.

You may be able to hold the USB connector in place with your thumb and finger just long enough to flash the board. Unfortunately that’s really the only real quick fix.

Lost a PCB trace, the D+ pin. Need information on the ESP32 pins used for serial so I can solder another adapter.

Here is the schematic for the USB connector on the Alarm Panel Pro v1.6 and older:
Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 4.58.57 PM

And updated schematic for v1.7 and newer:
Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 4.54.26 PM

Hope this helps!

Have you tried to log a fault with Konnected. I did and they replaced the board.

I had the same issue. Konnected offered a 20% discount on new board which i was going to reluctantly accept but they were out of stock.

I tried holding the USB port in place and I was amazed to find it worked.

I fiddled until I got a stable connection on the port and then held it carefully while the update happened. Pushing down on the socket with something under the plug to hold the cable high and get a diagonal connection worked best.