How to determine when something is not updating

 So, I have a few Konnected devices, some using the DIY setup and one with the Konnected board.  I have connected door contacts, motion sensors, temperature sensors and a relay for my garage door.  Things work overall well.

My question is, there have been times where devices are not updating, and I am wondering if there is a good way to determine that a sensor has not updated in a while?

I am hooked up to Smartthings for managing my devices.

In one specific case, the wiring to the temperature sensor came loose, and I had no way of knowing that it was no longer working until I manually checked the history. (in other cases, it stopped updating for no known reason until I rebooted.

It would be great if there was some way in Smartthings (or even better, ActionTiles) to determine that the last update was a long time ago.

Any ideas?