Reliability of Konnected with SmartThings?

Hey folks,

How have you found the reliability of using Konnected with SmartThings?  Now, I know SmartThings have outages roughly once a month...I'm not talking about that though.  I'm Instead talking about connectivity between the two.

I ask because I currently home SmartThings and have a bunch of their wireless multi-sensors.  They often show as being off-line or show incorrect states (like open when they're closed and vice-versa).  Often as in, they only work like 25% of the time, so they're useless.  Also the phone-based proximity sensor is incorrect really often.  Says I'm home when I'm not and vice-versa.  Also, can be an hour delay before it realizes I've arrived.

I don't know if the root cause is the SmartThings Hub/Service or if it's just the multi-sensor and phone-based proximity sensor.  If it's the Hub/Service, I'd imagine there are similar issues when Konnected uses SmartThings.   But if it's just the senors, Konnected is probably very solid with SmartThings.  

I could always use HomeAssistant or one of the other Smart services if SmartThings isn't that great.  Just want to plan it out before I buy it.