Knowing if Konnected is offline

Has anyone come up with a Health Check for Konnected from ST? Building out a 24 zone system and concerned if Konnected stops reporting to ST, not sure how I would know. Is there a simple setup I am missing?

Any luck with this Brent? I am having this same issue. There seems to be no way to see if the konnected panel is online or not in SmartThings.

Nope. No progress. Let me know if you come up with anything.

Hey Brent,

Haven't tried it yet, but found this as a possible solution: 

The idea would be to set up a IP-based precense device for the panel.  If the panel's IP address doesn't show as online, you could at least see there is a problem.  This solution requires another computer or device to handle api calls.. which I'm not crazy about.  But I haven't seen anything else that would work.

Has anyone come up with a solution to monitor the connected state of panel itself?

There are a couple ways you could do this if you're using Home Assistant (I'm not sure about SmartThings). I set up a binary sensor that pings the IP address of the Konnected panel every 30 seconds. As soon as the sensor shows offline (or "off") it triggers an automation which sends a notification to my phone as well as toggles off the switch that the Konnected power supply is plugged into, and then toggles it back on. 

Or if you're using the PoE version and Unifi network products, through the Unifi integration you can toggle the PoE ort to accomplish the same thing.

Here's my entry in the config.yaml file for the binary sensor:


  - platform: ping


    name: "Alarm"

    count: 2

    scan_interval: 30

In my opinion, something like this is a must. For some reason my alarm goes down frequently. Every few days or so.