Garage Door Opener in Home Assistant Remains in Open Status

I successfully adopted the Konnected Garage Door Opener to Home Assistant and calibrated the Opener Sensor calibration using the built-in HA service to 0.94m while the door is open. Observing the garage door opener data from it’s IP address page, I can see that when the door is open it shows 0.93-0.94m for Door Opener Sensor distance. However, when the door closes, the Door Opener Sensor distance changes fluctuates between 0.61-0.70m but the Garage Door state will remain Open unless I use the Door Opener Restart switch. After the reboot, it finds the correct Closed state. I customized the Optical Laser Range Sensor Margin of Error in the ESPHome config to the following but it didn’t help: open_garage_door_distance_margin_of_error: “0.2”
Any advice would be much appreciated…

Removing the cover fixed mine. I think (but do not know) that either the cover was obstructing part of the view of the sensor, or the sensor was being fooled by internal reflections.

Sometime the sensor is mis-aligned in the enclosure, or there are rough edges on the sensor window that are causing reflections and mis-readings of the laser sensor. I just wrote a quick article with some tips to adjust this:

When the garage door is closed, the sensor reading should be greater than the reading of an open garage door.

Let us know if this helps the problem!

Thank you both for the advice and the helpful article. I may move my sensor since it’s directly above the track and may be aligned over the plastic windows atop of the garage door.
@nate The sensor distance is a greater number when open than when closed as seen in my screenshots, not sure what sensor reading you mean.


Yeah that is a problem. That’s what I mean, the sensor distance should be greater or NA when the garage door is closed. When the garage door is open, the sensor should see the top of the garage door rolled up at the calibrated distance. When the garage door is closed, there should be nothing in the view of the sensor except for the ground or a parked car … and either of those should be farther from the sensor than the top of the garage door.

What is it reading at 0.62m when the garage is closed?

Thanks fellas, took your advice made some adjustments to the sensor location on the ceiling and all is well in the world. Sensor distance reporting NA when closed and status changing to Closed on its own as expected. In previous sensor location, the track may have been its path as well as some storage items that were down below on the garage floor. I now have it over an empty parking spot so it’s definitely more precise.

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