Garage Door Opener in Home Assistant Remains in Open Status

Please update the firmware so we can see the sequential sensor reading logs.

I was able to update the firmware using the serial adapter driver and the updater on the web browser. I’m now getting distances listed in the logs. I’ll let it sit fora few hours and see if its still showing open/closed every few minutes.

@nate Seeing the same issue with my Konnected Smart Garage Door Opener White since the latest ESP Update. Everything was working fine prior to the ESP Add-on update was released. Garage door will report open and close notifications at the same time but the door isn’t physically moving and the notifications keep appearing repeatedly throughout the day. When I open the door using Home Assistant, the door status will report closed even though the door is opened and the Sensor Distance is reporting about 0.92m. So when I try to use HA to close the door, it will report that the door is already closed but it isn’t, so I have to click to open the garage door so that it closes. When the door is physically closed, Sensor Distance is reporting out of range as it has in the past.

Had over 120 notifications on my HA Dashboard when I got home from work today. All open and close notifications.

similar to @panterra74012 logs
Door currently open…

@panterra74012 sorry I’m just circling back on this. This does seem odd that it’s seeing something at around ~0.2m when there’s nothing there. The garage was closed the whole time you captured this log? Make sure again that there’s nothing directly in front of the sensor and there’s no dust on it or anything. If you’re still getting wack readings like that, we can try to replace the sensor.

@jpesc you might need to recalibrate to get closer to the actual garage distance. What is your calibration distance set at?

The way this works is it reads the optical sensor every 2.5 seconds. If it “sees” something within a margin of error of 5cm (about 2 inches) of the calibration distance, then it considers the door open. However, it needs to see two readings in a row to consider it a valid reading. So, for example if your door-open calibration is set to 0.7, then whenever the measured distance is between 0.65 and o.75 twice in a row, it reports the door as “OPEN”.

Whenever the reading is greater than the calibration distance or out of range for at least two readings in a row, it reports the door as “CLOSED”

The margin of error, reporting frequency, and debounce time (number of consecutive readings) can all be tweaked if you’re using ESPHome dashboard to manage your firmware (coming soon in the Konnected app!).

Hope this helps. Every environment is a little different so it may take some tweaking to get the right calibration and settings that reports reliably in your situation.

Thanks Nate, based on what you posted, I looked back at my previous screenshots in this post and noticed that the slider for Sensor Calibration had been changed to 0.1 and when it was working properly the sensor calibration was supposed to be 0.93 cause the sensor distance is around 0.92 m. Working again, thanks for your help.

Thanks Nate, no worries. The garage was closed the entire time. I’ll air can the sensor and report back, with the garage door closed.

Another 24 hours after cleaning the sensor off with an air can and im still getting the same results. Replacing the sensor may be needed.

I’ve received a new sensor and am happy to report all issues have resolved. State stays consistent and readings are as expected. Thank you @nate and @andy for all your help. Really enjoying your products and hard work.