Garage door opener wired sensor

I got my garage door opener setup in Home Assistant and calibrated but was wondering how do you set it up to use a wired sensor instead of the optical sensor I’m not seeing how to tell it which to use?

Also I found out the “switch” device that gets created in Home Assistant is for the strobe output.


Update: I asked support how to change to the wired sensor and Andy sent me this URL: ESPHome: Customization on the Garage Door Opener

I was able to figure out where to go to use the steps in the URL eventually:

  • In Home Assistant Settings->Add-ons then click the Add-on store to add ESPHome then install
  • After it is installed start it then click Open web UI
  • In the web UI click adopt on the garage door
  • During adoption you will need to provide your WIFI info for the config to use when customizing
  • After that I could edit the garage door there and make the changes then save and install the updated config (I added the binary_sensor option to the end to show the wired sensor as a separate device).
  • Once the config finished installing (about 5.5 minutes) I saw success then saw the logs looking for the door so I opened it, once it saw it I clicked stop since it was just repeating the logs at that point showing how far the door was from the sensor.
  • When I went back to the garage door device the wired sensor showed up as a device like I wanted.

At this point I haven’t switched to using the wired sensor and just made it visible in Home Assistant so I can see if there is much difference in reliability between them and if there is decide which to use later.

Glad you figured it out! Let us know if you still have any questions about this.

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If a home has both the Konnected garage-door-opener and the alarm-panel-pro, can the same magnetic sensor be wired to both devices or would doing so require two magnetic sensors?

I haven’t tried to connect to both but I can’t see why you couldn’t wire it to both as each is just looking for a change of continuity from the sensor.

No, a single sensor can’t be wired to two initiating devices.

But you shouldn’t need to do that anyway because if you have the sensor in your smart home platform once, you don’t need it twice.

UPDATE: Since release 2023.11.2 of our ESPHome firmware, the wired input is exposed by default. So you don’t have to do this extra work to customize the firmware anymore if you want direct access to the wired input!

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