Unable to Adopt ESPHome Alarm Panel in Home Assistant

I got my Alarm panel in early 2023 and installed one of the early builds of ESPHome (directly from Konnected) when I set it up inititially. I haven’t changed much of anything since then.

  • It’s configured to use Ethernet (PoE).
  • Home Assistant reports the device firmware as 2022.12.4 (Jan22 2023, 17:44.27), which I believe is the ESPHome version.
  • The Konnected iOS app reports the “Konnected project version” as 0.1.0.

The device appears as expected as an ESPHome device in the ESPHome integration:

I also see the device in the ESPHome dashboard:

When I try to adopt the device, I get an error message of Failed to import device:

Current Status:

  • I have other ESPHome devices adopted with Home Assistant and I can configure/update them via the ESPHome dashboard, so I don’t think there’s anything fundamentally wrong with my ESPHome setup.
  • The sensors for the device are present in Home Assistant have worked as expected for the last year.
  • The local web page (http://ip_address) seems to work ok.
  • With the latest version of the Konnected iOS app, I can see the device listed by its IP address, but the info in the Settings page is incorrect:
    • The network configuration shows WiFi
    • All zones/outputs are listed as disabled

I’d like to be able to adopt the device into Home Assistant’s ESPHome dashboard so I can update ESPHome and get Konnected updates as well.

What’s my best path forward here?