Can't access the web interface

I can't access the konnected web interface after connecting to my home WiFi. The board has been assigned an IP by my router so I know it's connected. Is there suppose to be a web interface that is accessible after connecting to home WiFi?

I've tried resetting and re-flashing the latest firmware, and still have not had any progress. 

Hi! I have the same problem. How did you solve it?

Sorry, I don't really remember clearly. I had re-flashed to the latest firmware, and possibly rebooted my router. I also do have a static ip set for the konnected alarm panel via router.

That’s ok. I as able to solve it too. I reflashed and tested on another network. It worked. I then tested again on my home network (router Xiaomi) it took some minutes but then I got access to the ip via browser on port 12065. I plugged the usb directly on the esp8266 board in order to get the serial monitor log. After that home Assistant configuration was able to control the pins. I then plugged the piezzo to test the config and did some measuring with a multimeter. I am ready to reply at the alarm box :slight_smile:

Good to hear that you have solved the problem! It was very satisfying for me to get everything working with home assistant after hours of frustration due to my lack of knowledge.