Amazon Alexa as Door Announcer

I linked my Echo dot to smart things and created routines to announce which door is open. Kind of helpful to know which door was opened, as opposed to the chime that indicates one of the doors was opened. Now to figure out a way to turn the chime on or off depending on desir or need.

Robert, how did you do this? I'd like to get my various Echos to alert me when the doorbell rings. I was pretty much under the impression that we had no means of having an Echo report anything that wasn't prompted by a voice command.

Would love to see how you did this as well... I'm currently using Big Talker and Lannouncer, but it stops announcing randomly..


I found the details on  

I pasted the section in the link that should get you going.  Recommend you go out and read the amazon instructions in the link in that article.  Having trouble pasting an active link in here.  I think if you google "smartthings wiki", the link above will show up as an option that you can navigate to.  I didn't see a name on the post, so not sure who deserves the credit for this work.  It is functioning well for me so far.

Getting a Spoken or Sound Effects Alert from Amazon Echo When a Sensor is Triggered

As of 27 August 2018, Amazon now offers a new feature that allows you to have any smartthings – connected contact or motion sensor trigger a spoken alert on your Amazon echo devices. Or if you have sound effects files in your music library yet, you can play one of those. That could be a chime, a buzzer, a siren, etc. You will do this with an Amazon echo routine (not a SmartThings routine).   It's very simple to set up. "Link to Official Alexa Instructions".  You can have the same Amazon echo routine turn on lights. 

You could also have the Amazon echo routine turn on a virtual switch which then triggered other smartthings events.   For many people who already have Amazon echo devices, this may be all you need.

If you need more details, please let me know.

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This is AMAZING news and, to be blunt, it's easy as hell. I now have my doorbell (which is annoyingly quiet) announcing visitors with Alexa's nice voice. I did it all without reading any of the above. I just went into the Alexa app, picked Routines, added a new routine for "Doorbell Sensor" (one of my devices) "Closes" (the bell rings) and selected the Action. You can set her to say anything or do many other things. 

The only limitation I've found right up front is that I was unable to have one Routine execute on a selection of Echo devices. For example, I would like this routine to happen on a few Echo's around the house. For now I'll just create a dupe for each device. It's about time! Now if only we could trigger this from webcore and control things like volume and such.... 

Yeah, thanks Robert! This is way too easy!

One sort of cool thing you can do is set the volume for the Echo (as it may be down), trigger the Echo to say what you need it to say and then set the volume lower again. The oddity is that I added one of these and, by default, the app reordered the order of the actions, but you can easily re-arrange them.  The one caveat is that you will hear a small beep whenever the volume changes.

My next thing is to figure out how to trigger this same set of announcements when someone KNOCKS on the door. There's a multipurpose sensor on the door, but so far Alexa only sees Open and Close as an option for that sensor. I suspect I'll have to create a webcore piston that sets a virtual switch to true when it detects knocking and then set it to false after say 30 seconds.

It was super easy to setup but for some reason, my echo will not actually perform the routine.  I can click the little play icon next to the routine and Alexa will play what I configured.  I can go into the smart home devices and open up the device (Front Door in this case), open the front door and I can see it go from closed to open, but still nothing from Alexa.  I've deleted the routine and redid it a couple of times with no joy and tried it with different devices.  Perplexing.

John,  this same thing happened to me. What fixed is was to remove the 'Smartthings' skill from Alexa and simply re-add it.

I'm thinking that the security token that's created when adding the smartthings skill became invalid somehow. Best guess is through the account migration from smartthings to samsung.

Generally you don't need to resort to removing the app. Just log out and log back in. This is a known problem.

 Doug, Thanks for the information.

I just got around to removing Smarthings from Alexa and put it back and now it works just fine!


I logged out and back in, and disabled and enabled, still no luck.  device shows "open", but no response from Alexa.  Alexa responds when I "play" the routine.  Is there a difference between "disabling" and "removing"?  I could not figure out how to remove.  all the devices and routines stayed when I disabled or logged out of Smartthings.  

I finally got it to work.  I had to delete all of the devices after disabling Smartthings.  Then re-installing and re-creating the routines got it working..

Feeling pretty dumb here but I see others saying how easy this was to do.  I have many of my SmartThings dev ices working fine with Alexa but I can not figure out how to make this happen.  When I log on to smart home in the Alexa app all my devices show up but I can't do anything with them.  Sounds like I must create a custom skill in Alexa?  Can someone point me to a link that explains how to do this?

Create an Alexa Routine

Like I said, feeling dumb.  The key piece of information I was missing is that this must be done on my phone and not on the PC.  Easy to set up the routine on my phone.  Now all I have to do is get it to actually work.  Will refer to above postings for that.

Alexa is not discovering my Konnected contacts, motion sensors etc.

konnected is installed and working perfectly on my Smarthings hub

I have checked all the devices in the Alexa Smarthings smartapp

I have run discover on alexa

I have disabled and then re enabled smarthings on Alexa

Still when I go into Alexa Routines none of the Konnected devices are showing.

I know it is most likely something I am not doing but just can't figure it out. Any assistance is appreciated.

Carey, this is likely not the best thread for this issue, but quickly, is your Konnected setup working in every other way? I will say that Alexa software leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to easy use.

 Yes it is. I just see people in this thread saying how easy it was for them. Please refer me to the correct place to ask this question

I would post this on this forum, but just in a new thread. I would also post this on the Smartthings community forum where you're much more likely to get several responses.