Smart Home Monitor not triggering siren

Hello Konnected Community!

I recently switched out my ADT panel with konnected.

I ran through the configuration to setup SmartThings App with Konnected.

Tested the Siren and sensors in the Device Tab of SmartThings App and all respond correctly.

I then setup the Smart Home Monitor for Security automation, added all the sensors with Siren as the alarm output.

Successfully triggered an alarm event but the siren never sounds.

Anyone else having issues or know how to fix this problem?

Let me know!



As an update. I was able to get it working on the SmartThings Classic App by resetting and flashing to the latest firmware. This still doesn't work on the newest SmartThings App.

Hi. I am having the same problem. Josh,what exactly do you mean by resetting and flashing to the latest firmware?

I successfully converted an old ADT type system. I am on Android and everything works perfectly. I added my the smart things app (both versions) for my wife who is on ios. Everything works perfectly for her too including testing the siren, EXCEPT when Smart Home Monitor is armed and triggered. That’s when the siren is “muted” in the classic app or “did not sound, not connected” in the newer app. I’ve tried everything inside the apps and settings but cannot get it to trigger on her iPhone. Both are set up exactly the same. I installed Smart Things for the first time on both my android and her ios device in the past week, so should all be up to date, right?

Thanks for your help!

I got it. I deleted the app and readded it. All fixed!

Greg - exactly which app did you delete and re-add to make it work? Looking for some help her getting my siren to work with the new Smartthings app.

Hi. I deleted and readded the classic version on my wife’s iPhone. That fixed it. I also hid the new version so she isn’t confused by which to use, but suppose I could just delete it.
Again, I could get the siren to sound on both of our phones when simply testing it on either Smart Things apps, but the issue was only with her iPhone when activating the SmartHome Monitoring. I would intentionally trigger a sensor and it would alert me that the system was set off, but said the siren muted. It did not do that when my phone armed the system.

I hope that helps.

PS- during my troubleshooting I read that the new SmartThings app version isn’t in sync 100% with konnected yet, and to use the classic version. I think that may be your problem, like mine, just stick to the old app version for now.

Thanks, Greg. Working with the classic app is fine. I guess we just have to wait for the new app to work with everything.

Turns out that I had Smart Home Monitor installed before I even had installed Konnected. I went into the gear icon on the Smart Home Monitor and noticed that the Security section was not linked to any Siren device under the Alert with Sirens section. Problem is, opening a sensor still doesn't set off the dang siren!. I can turn on the siren manually but nothing more. So aggravating! One observation is that Smart Home Monitor is not under my SmartApps section even though I have it on the Dashboard and can activate the various security modes. Thoughts or ideas?

Did you try deleting and reading the classic version of the Smart Things app? My settings all looked perfect too, and I tried troubleshooting and tweaking everything within the app with no success to trigger the siren other than manually triggering it. Finally deleting and readding the classic version of the app is what fixed it for me (and someone else earlier in this thread). I can’t explain why, but it did. Good luck.

Hey guys. 

Anything further on this? I've tried what you mentioned, but still have the same problem.  When you deleted the app, home monitoring is still saved into your hub/account.. so when you re-add it is still there.. did you delete somehow the home monitoring in your steps?

Please continue to use the SmartThings Classic app with Konnected for the time being. The newer version of Smart Home Monitor in the new SmartThings app doesn't trigger the Konnected siren properly.

In the classic app, if you're seeing that the "siren was muted" this may be because ST is detecting your presence at home and automatically muting the siren. To test this, you can temporarily disable the presence-based disarming.

Thanks.  That worked!.

 So if you are at home the siren automatically mutes? If so how do you turn that off. One of the main ideas of an alarm is to sound the siren if someone breaks in while your home.

I’m having this same issue and I only use the classic app. I can activate my siren anytime so I know it works. But several times now we have had a false alarm due to a lagging presence sensor or even a friend entering without a presence sensor at all and not disarming the alarm and the siren does not sound. The system does trigger an intrusion but no siren.

Two things, I found that at some point the siren was unselected from the alerts, so if you go back through the menus ensure it is selected. If not, like the other said, remove the SHM from the classic app.. then delete the app, reinstall it, then redo your SHM setup.

For the question below, that was just a troubleshooting tool for the AWAY profile.. I can assure you.. once it works, it sounds the alarm/siren and drives the cat crazy if you are doing too much troubleshooting...

mine doesn't work on the classic app either

Just in case someone else are having this issue I found the solution.

Not need for old smartthings app.

On the new app click the select Smarthings home monitor>click gear settings on top right>Select security>Select set response>In Responses select Sound sirens and select your siren.

Alert Duration: I selected to sound for 3 minutes

Delay before start: I selected to delay the start of the siren after detected intrusion for 15 seconds. (In case that was me)

I did an automation to turn on all the lights right away.

so here is my solution sent to me by Konnected- apparently my samsung (smartthings) account region was set to asia/pacific. the konnected app was in North America. i changed the konnected region and voila!