Delay Siren

Is there  a way to delay the siren start to allow time to manually disarm?

Not really. And this is due to SmartHome Monitor not Konnected. 

We are told there is in the new SmartThings app. But we have yet to test it as it's still in development. 

A few people have used a SmartApp that puts a delay on open/close sensors. But we haven't explored this option. And personally feel like this would create other issues. 

So the final answer is - 'Not yet. Hopefully soon'

The new SmartThings app does indeed have this delay, but it does not detect the Konnected devices correctly.

 Bummer the new app does not detect Konnected yet. 

I am currently using the class app and running the SHM delay version 2 to add the delay.  I haven't had the need for it as the presence sensor disarms my alarm.

@Steve - Does the new SmartThings app support users access?  When my folks are in town i want to add them as a presence sensor but not full access to the app.

I’m not sure. I uninstalled it at soon as I saw that it didn’t play well with konnected.

You can use Life360 on their phones to use as precense sensors if you don’t want full smartthings access for them. I use that for my son’s phone and it works great.

Thanks, I may have them try installing life360 and see how that works.

I use the following solution for timed siren responses:


I found a guy who makes very affordable custom in-line timers (of all varieties); in this case, I needed a simple timed delay and pass-through timer.




(1) Siren outputs on Konnected put out ~12 volts when triggered.

(2) Siren and piezo (on my setup) are both set to trigger on intrusion within ST.

(3) Needed an in-line timer placed in-between the siren inputs and the Konnected siren outputs.

(4) The timer is powered AND triggered by the siren output of ~12 volts (when intrusion detected).

(5) When siren outputs are triggered; timer counts down 25 seconds THEN passes power through to the siren.


So far this is working perfectly and mirrors the siren delay I was requiring.


Contact Greg Cunningham at


The timer I am using is the TMR-1, pick TMR-1-7A-28V. After ordering reply to the order confirmation and ask him to configure it in a 3 wire configuration (including the ground) and set the timer to N number of seconds (I used 25).



Great idea to use the delay timer these are cheap and plentiful on eBay. Thanks for the idea

An update on this I just realised the Samsung smartthings app is able to control connected now and has the capability to delay the siren.

Have you tested the delay?  I upgraded to Konnected but have not been able to use my alarm since doing so due to the delay issue.  I tried the new SmartThings app but the delay didn't work at the time.  Curious if they've updated it - how long is the delay?

Is konnected fully integrated with the new app or is the recommendation to stay with classic and use a 3rd party delay still?

Yeah you’re right Rishi that was Knights advice I ended up with conflict between classic and connect so I’m now using shm delay same as yourself. I can live with it but it’s all a bit clunky. Not sure if mate will read thisbut having seen one of his videos where he says he’s working with the smartthings guys I’m assuming that’s the intention to fully integrate with the new app or are there two separate development streams for the new app and the classic app?

Delay doesn't work in the new app for me. Has anyone made it work?

I had no problem with getting the delay to work but I can't use the new app because it is not compatible with ActionTiles. The delay works great with the phone app but what's the use if you could just disable the system  before walking in.