NEW iOS SmartThings app (not classic)

Ok, maybe I'm not remembering why we couldn't use the new Smartthings app.  We had to use the classic version to install Konnected, but now it's showing up in the new SmartThings app.  Remind me again why I am not using the alarm delay built into the new app for the alarm to sound?  I won't be able to test it until tomorrow, I am just wondering if there was another limitation that I forgot about, or did they update the app?  I'm trying to use ActionTiles to control, is there any problem switching from the Classic to the new app?  Do I need to uninstall the Classic app?

Hey Raonelas,

There is a comparison post that should help clear things up.

Thanks.  So I'm about to play with the new app to see if I can get the siren delay to work through actionTiles.  Am I wasting my time?

From what I've read they won't talk together. Did you have any luck?