Alarm not sounding when SHM is set up using the new App

I am looking to use the delay feature in the new app to give a little wait before the alarms go off. Idea is to put a tablet panel that allows to unarm the system within 30 seconds of entering the house.

I used the Classic app to set everything up with Konnected. No delays put in or anything. Everything runs as expected when I 'Arm' the system using the Classic app. However, when I ARM the system using the new app, and an intrusion is detected, the alarm doesn't sound off. 

The alarm is showing up in the panel in both the apps. And I can manually sound the alarm from either app as well. 

What am i doing wrong? Is there a way to use the delay feature in the new app with the Konnected system. 



This is a known issue in the new smartthings app. There are a few other threads regarding this issue if you do a search.