[Solved] Siren stopped working - network or server error occurred

My siren used to work just fine but suddenly stopped working. I tested the siren and it is loud and clear and works. When I get into SmartThings and it says Off and when I hit the power on icon to turn it on, it says network or server error occurred. How do I trace where the problem is - the board, the panel, the wiring? Everything had been working and so it is not clear that the panel and wiring would have suddenly gone bad.

I have a similar problem. I did not get the siren to work even in the first place, although it is discovered in SmartThings. I get the same “network or server error” message when I try to turn it on from SmartThings. I was able to test the siren by setting the Activation mode in the Konnected app / Zones from “High (default)” to “Low”. Then it seems to invert the trigger, so that is clearly not the right config. But it works and is loud :smiley:

The Konnected Pro board itself works since the other wired devices (smoke detectors, motion sensor) work fine. I have tried all the things I have thought of.

The strangest thing is that the siren is the Honeywell siren bought from Konnected store, so I assumed that it would work automatically. All ideas are appreciated!

@Juha Hietamaki

I just received and installed both the Konnected Pro board and Honeywell siren last week and have been running them without issues.  Since we have the same components, hopefully I can help you solve the siren issue.

Below are my notes based on your shared observations and my experience:

1. The activation mode should definitely be set to "High (default)" meaning that +12V current will flow to the siren when the alarm is activated.

2. SmartThings will list any zone devices that are enabled through the Konnected configuration app, regardless of whether they are wired and configured properly or not.  Logically, an error notification will occur if you attempt to activate the connected device and it doesn't respond properly.

3.  Polarity matters for the Honeywell siren as it has the siren driver built-in, which requires voltage to be applied in the correct direction.  If your original alarm panel had a built-in siren driver (as mine did), then your original siren may have been a simple speaker without polarity, and the wiring from the control board to the siren may be polar-agnostic and indistinguishable.  If so, you will need to test the voltage at the siren to ensure +12V is flowing into the Honeywell siren driver (rather than -12V).  Assuming you are using ALARM1 to trigger your siren, the positive (red) wire from the siren should ultimately connect to the 12V+ terminal and the ground (black) wire from the siren should ultimately connect to the ALARM1- terminal.

As you noted that the siren produces audible tone when inverting the activation mode, have you tried checking if the wiring is reversed?

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My apologies, I just realized that the red and black wires I referred to in my earlier post were jumpers added by me (for visual clarity) and are not included in the Honeywell siren package sold by Konnected.  

To better clarify, the 12V+ terminal from the Konnected board should be connected to the #1 (for steady tone) or #2 (for warble tone) terminal on the Honeywell siren and the ALARM1- terminal from the Konnected board should be connected to the GND terminal on the Honeywell siren.

Wish Juha Hietamäki  would of come back and told us how he resolved it. I just installed the Konnected Pro conversion board and have the exact same problem. Everything seems to be working correctly except the siren. The only time I can get sound from the siren is by changing Activation mode to Low. Then it sounds but you have no control over it. I had a DSC 1616 system and I believe a DSC siren? I'll have to open it up and check then report back.

I bought and installed my unit sep 2023, having the samw issue from day 1, I wonder if any port forwarding might be needed for the board to recieve commands

This issue is most often caused by a mismatch between the SmartThings region and Konnected Cloud region. These must be in the same region, otherwise ST cannot send commands to Konnected.

Check your SmartThings location country/region by logging in to your Samsung account at Samsung account.

Check your Konnected account region in the Konnected app > My Account.

If you change the Konnected account region, in order for it to take effect you will have to re-sync the settings to each of your devices by going to Manage Zones > Sync to Device.

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That fixed my problem, thank you

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