[Solved] Konnected Siren will not work with SmartThings

I have a 6 zone Konnected alarm panel. My door, window, motion sensor, buzzer are all working. I configured my Siren (Honeywell wave 2) on port 4 and built a routine. It will not work. Its wired correctly. I tested the siren with a battery and its good. It is showing as “on” in Smartthings.
I did notice that in Smarttings that it will only turn on as “Siren and Strobe” If I try to activate just the Siren, it times out and comes back with a “Network or server error occurred” Any suggestions?

Hi Todd.

Are you following these instructions?


Yes, I followed the instructions and tryed 2 different sirens and both do not work. My routine in smartthings is working and the buzzer works with it but the siren does not. I did notice in smartthings that the siren will not activate as just the siren. It activates as “siren and strobe” when i select siren only it tlmes out with a network or server error.

Any suggestions?
Everything else works( door, window,motion sensor, actiontiles)


I change the siren to alarm out from zone 4 and its working. My suggestion is for you to update the instructions and make a note of this on the wiring diagram

Thank you for the assistance

@Todd_Hyman A siren will not work on zone 4, because the numbered zones are only capable of 3.3V. All of our documentation and wiring diagrams show that the siren should be connected to the ALARM terminal.

What documentation were you looking at that led you to believe otherwise?

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I used your wiring diagram for Alarm Panel V2. I had it wired correctly but I configured it incorrectly as a zone instead of alarm wired out.
My one suggestion is to make a note on the wiring diagram to configure the siren on the phantom port( alarm out) not on a physical zone

I appreciate the responce. I noticed on the shipping box that you are located in Orlando not far from UCF. Do you have a showroom where you demo all the smart devices?

We don’t have a showroom, but yes our main office is in Orlando. We just moved offices to a new space last week, and one of my goals is to set up a product demo showcase in the new space, but we’re not there yet.


I am haveing the same iaaue with the pro board, I dont havr luxury to set zones as outputs, I am always getting network error trying to force tat my siren

My system having 3 motion sensors and 1 siren, the sensors works perfctly, the sren cant be operated from within the smartthings, deploying 12 volts directly it worka great, it is wired to the system via a 12 volts relay and fed its powet from a seprate 12 volts power supply thru the relay NO contact and the konnected board auppose to energize the relay cant go beyond the network error at all. Eeven meassuring the alarm 1 output with no siren I failed to engrgize the output excpet of I switch the dfault from active high to active low

This issue was solved in this thread:

im having the same issue. i have the siren wired to the alarm output, but cant figure out how to configure it. are you saying i need to leave a zone empty (not used for a door or motion sensor) and just set it up as a 'siren" and then the board will redirect output to the alarm output? or do i need to wire from this zone to the alarm ouptut somehow? i couldnt see a “phantom port” or ‘alarm out’ option anywhwre. im using g this with smartthings

You need to configure the Siren as a “ALARM1” port and connect the red and black leads to the 12 volts.

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