Help with Siren connection

Hello I am hoping someone would be able to help me with getting my Siren wired to my Konnected Alarm Panel. I was trying to do it last night and ended up frying one of my NodeMCU boards with the siren lol

So I was hoping someone would be willing to help me. I have any old Ademco Vista 15  and it has an interior siren and a siren and strobe on the exterior of the house. I'm just trying to hook up the interior siren. It's an Ademco 710 Electronic siren and on the back of it says, 

"6VDC (0.3A) to 12VDC (0.7A)" White (-) Negative, Red(+) Warble sound, Yellow(+) Steady Sound, Steady has priority.

So the wire that goes to the old alarm panel has 4 wires Black, Yellow, Red & Green. 

When I disconnected them from the old alarm panel they were paired Black + Yellow and Red + Green I would like to know which and what wires that I should connect to the Konnected Alarm Panel I know it would be in those black AUX+ AUX- and Alarm but I am not sure which color wire to put where. Also do I need to setup the siren as it's own zone? 

Also I did buy those 5V relay switches I am not sure if maybe I could use those to connect the exterior strobe and siren as well?

If anyone would be willing to help me and give me some guidance it would be greatly appreciated!

So i did some more investigating and examined the wiring on the outside of the siren and saw that Red & Green are paired with the positive (+) wire and the Black & Yellow are paired with the negative (-) wire coming from the siren. 

So my only question now is does the Konnected Alarm Panel board have enough to power the siren?

The alarm siren has an operating voltage of 6-12VDC and a power rating of 15 watts. The unit's operating current is 550 mA at 12VDC.

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Well I actually figured this all out on my own lol. I got my Internal siren connected up properly and it works great! So I guess it really wasn’t necessary for me to post here asking for help lol

Can you share what you did?

Sure I just left the wires paired and put the one with the red wire in the AUX+ side and the black wire in the Alarm - connector port on the main Konnected board. I believe Nate has a video where he shows how to do this. I connected it just as it shows on this page Wiring a Siren

I have this same wiring setup for the siren and can't get it to sound.

What does your config for the siren look like?

I think what is important is how to connect the siren through the Konnected app. 

  1. Add a zone, Select Alarm/Out
I use it with Smartthings, so I automatically saw the siren there. Also, I had to add it to smart monitoring as one of the responses.

i've done exactly the same thing but cannot get the siren to sound. No clicking or buzzing sound either. Also, it is a siren per my research, and not a 'dumb' speaker. 

the siren is a single tone, 12vdc, 20W max. Black (-) common and Red (+) Yelp.