Using old siren in Konnected

My Konnected Pro arrived from Amazon today. I successfully installed. Added to Home Assistance and did the integration. The only thing that doesn't work is my old siren (circa 1990s). See attached photo. I read that the problem might be that is is not compatible and that I need to get a Honeywell WAVE-2 Two Tone Siren. But just wanted a second opinion.

I'm pretty sure my wiring is correct. I watched Nate's install video before and during my install. I My power motioned sensors work, so I think the power wiring is good at least for the motion sensor and glass break detector.

Here is what the siren looks like.


SOLVED: After visiting Konnected store, I noticed that my old DSC siren is for sale and the description says that it works perfectly with Konnected. That led me to question whether I had wired the siren correctly.

I found these helpful instructions at Konnected and realized that I made a mistake.

In case this helps anyone else with an old DSC alarm panel, here are the details. My DSC alarm panel was set up with red/black twisted wires in the BELL+ and the yellow/green twisted wires in the BELL-. When I installed the Konnected Alarm Panel Pro, I mistakenly placed the red/black twist wires in ALARM1 and the yellow/green twisted wires 12V+. That was an error and it is why the siren didn’t work. The correct configuration is:  red/black twisted wires in 12V+ and the yellow/green twisted wires ALARM1.