Bosch D116 Siren Compatibility

Hey all,

I believe I have a Bosch D116 siren mounted in my house (from a previous security system) that I was hoping to use with my Konnected system. I’ve wired it into the “+” and “ALARM” terminals and programmed the zone. However, when I tried to test it out in Smartthings, all I heard was a momentary knocking sound and some slight static. Both of my wires from this device are red so I thought maybe I had wired them in backward so I flipped them and am still getting the same noise.

Could anyone here positively identify this siren and confirm that it works with Konnected? I read in the FAQ that hearing these noises is a sign that there is no siren driver, however, the D116 manual I found explicitly states that this device comes with an on-board driver.

All help is appreciated!

Are you sure it’s not a D118 that doesn’t have a siren driver? If it has a switch internally to change between yelp and steady tone, it’s a D116, otherwise it’s a D118 that’s only a speaker. I doubt you can tell from the outside, as they look identical. Most older alarm systems have the driver on the alarm board, so save a few cents and get a speaker-only siren.

Well I took the covering off and now I’m not sure what brand or model it is

That’s just a speaker, and I had something similar. I bought the siren that Konnected sells to replace this. Unfortunately for me, it was a little smaller, and the popcorn wasn’t removed under the speaker, and it wasn’t painted to match. On the bright side, I put my foot through that section of drywall on an unrelated trip into the attic, so it’s a nice new flat piece of drywall with no popcorn. If you can get a siren that fits into that box, that’s the best option to minimize work under the box.

Note that the power provided by the Konnected alarm board is limited, so not all sirens will work.

I had a similar problem with my legacy attic mounted siren.
In my case the current draw was enough to reset the Pro board as I was using POE for power.
I added a relay board from to solve the problem.
Photo below.
The battery was added to provide additional and backup power, the battery wall wart (hidden in white box with a second siren) is plugged into a Z-Wave AC plug controller which is turned on 3x a week for two hours and when the alarm is triggered.
Might be belt and suspender solution even though the network equipment has its own UPS.

Ok, it sounds like the easiest option for me is to purchase and install a siren driver in the Konnected enclosure as I would rather not have to install a siren of different dimensions for the reasons @john.h.haller mentioned above.

Can anyone speak to the ALSD1 siren driver vs the ALSD2? I see the latter recommended here, however, the ALSD1 can be had for half the cost.
ALSD1_ALSD2.pdf (526.6 KB)

It looks like either one should work just fine.