Siren always on

Hi all,
I am wiring my Konnected alarm, but now im stuck at the Siren. Iv identified my Siren wire, it seems it has 4 wires but 2 (green and yellow) wires were cut short and not connected to my original board.
when I connect the black and red wire to the Konnect board, the siren sounds as soon as I power up. I wait a few minutes for the board to connect to wifi and still its sounded. I send “off” notification from the device menu in Hubitat and no result.
I did come across a posting where there was an issue with having a motion sensor at zone 5 - which I also did. I moved my motion to zone 4 and added a window sensor at zone 5…but it still hasnt solved the issue.
zone 1 - open/close
zone 2 - open/close
zone 3 - motion
zone 4 - motion
zone 5 - open/door
zone 6 - open/door
Any ideas anybody? and why do i have 4 wires coming out of the alarm? do i need to set this up as a separate zone?

Would love to see an answer to this - i am having the same problem. 

Chris - i solved this myself. I made a mistake by assuming that one of the boards was the primary board, but in-fact it was the other board which had clear ports for the siren alarm.  Once i changed over the wires to the main board - then than resolved the issue...

Great. I was doing the same thing wrong. I was trying to wire the siren to one of the expansion boards. I moved it over to the primary and moved the motion sensor off of zone 5 and it worked. Thanks.

Great to help! Sure you would have figured it out eventually.