Main board hissing noise and Siren blasting? Is the boardd fried?

At the absolute worse time, 12:30 AM, the sound of the siren woke me up. I walked through the house and there was nothing that triggered the alarm. Actually, the alarm was not even enabled. Trying to stop the Siren through the SmartThings app did nothing. When I went to the board panel I heard a loud hissing noise and the red light on the board was on.  I disconnected the power and plugged back in, and the same happened after a few seconds. I had to leave it disconnected. Any advice or action, has anyone seen this before?

 I opened a ticket and  Konnected immediately sent me a replacement main board and wifi module. Awesome, but I'm out of alarm system until that arrives and I spend some time installing and reconfiguring.  Just because of curiosity I kept testing. See below for the resolution after a lot of troubleshooting on my own. I added the below to my ticket chat.

"I spent some time last night troubleshooting this issue, just out of curiosity. Using the same method you suggested I expanded to try disconnecting all of the zones and adding zone by zone, all 11 of them, plus the siren and piezo sounder. The finding was that on the main board, zone 5, there is a board issue. This is the cause of the whole problem. I moved that zone wires to the add on secondary board zone 6, which was the only one free. Success, no hissing and no siren, and all working as it should.  I then tried moving another zone to the main board zone 5, just to make sure it was not a wiring issue with that zone. The same happened on the main board, hissing and blasting siren, red light after a few seconds. So, in conclusion, there is an issue with the main board zone 5. Here is where things get interesting.  A while back, soon after I did my initial installation, I was having false triggers on that same zone. I asked the Konnected community for help, but nobody gave me a good cause or resolution. So, from the start, I think this was just a bad board. Please consider this lesson learned and please share this information so others do not have to do all I did try to troubleshoot that issue."