Siren/Alarm led is always RED

I need help in figuring out Alarm/Siren issue. I have indoor siren( labeled as Horn on legacy system) and external siren ( labelled as Siren Tripper ) . Yesterday I connected indoor siren to main module and configured in ST as siren/strobe in Alarm/Out and it was working as expected. Today, I swapped the indoor siren with outdoor siren and as soon as I powered it module on, it started blaring without me doing anything in ST. I unplugged and swapped back my indoor siren. when I power the module, even the indoor started blaring which was working fine before. I noticed that the red led is always on. Even if I remove wires from + and alarm slots, the red led is always on. Please let me know what was my mistake here and how to resolve it? Should I pull the wifi module out and put it back again?

FYI: I have 18 zone with 1 main and 2 add-on. 



Hi Vish,

Thanks for the pics. I'm pretty sure there is a short in the board. Sorry about that. Not sure what happened.

We will send you out a new board and a return label so we can inspect it.

Before you hook the outdoor siren to it again, let's put a voltmeter on those wires to verify what is happening.

In the meantime, you could go ahead and hook up your other sensors (probably minus anything that needs 12V like motions). When you get the new board you will just need to unplug the Wifi module, remove the board (and wiring), rewire the same way, and insert the Wifi. And you should be good to go.

If you have questions let me know.

Andy Wulff

Konnected Customer Support Specialist

Hi Andy,

The same thing started happening to my panel last week. Is there any help you can provide?


I'm having the same issue, also looking for help/guidance :)

Same thing just started happening to me yesterday.

I have the same problem as well - Red LED on all the time, and it doesn't matter what is done in smartthings/actiontiles.

Is there a systemic issue here? I just went to hook my alarm up - nothing has been connected and I noticed the LED was illuminated.

Hi folks, ant solution. I hv same issue . allwires removed. Still alarm led is on. Only goes off once i remove wifi board. Once wifi is connected. Its back on…

Same here I’m having the exact same issue! Is this a common problem?

I'm having the same problem with my new board.

I've just had the same issue with my new Konnected panel. Havent even set it up with the alarm yet.  Just pluged it in via the main plug socket provided by konnected and used the smartthings app functions. That was enough for it to go red.

Any support would be much appriciated Konnected?

Same issue :( just got it wired and now the main board has a red light, i even removed the wifi board and its still red.



Hi folks.

Anyone find an answer to this. 

Mine worked fine for a day and they the red LED came.

Thanks in advance..

Hey guys. Same issue. What’s the resolution? Red LED for alarm lit up 24/7 and seem unable to turn it off, rendering my sirens non functional…

Probably a fried board.
Did you connect a siren directly to the power outlet?
You have to use the specified amps / draw or a separate driver to power the siren. (They do list sirens that will work without a driver)
My board was a constant RED before I connected anything and they kindly replaced it…

I believe there are two potential reasons for the Siren/Alarm LED being constant red (and the corresponding connections outputting constant 12 volts).  

(1) At approx.. 16:30 of Nate's “Konnected Alarm Panel installation” video, he instructs the user to install the siren wires without first identifying the specs. of the siren(s).  If you ignore the installation video, and read everything on the Konnected site first, you will note that Nate should have instructed the user to learn more about their existing siren(s) before doing as instructed in his video.  This is because of the fact that unless the existing siren(s) are rated at <= 24 watts, the board will be damaged (likely resulting in the constant Alarm/12 volt output situation). 

(2) It appears that some defective boards cause the constant Alarm/12 volt situation.  If you are like me, and you choose to learn more about the Konnected products before installation (since there isn't a manual, and since following some of the conflicting how-to videos, etc. may cause damage to the boards), be warned that the warranty may become void.

There is also another point that a manual would identify.  The specifications of existing siren(s) that will be converted should be fully understood before ordering Konnected products.  This is due to the situation identified above, which can damage the Konnected main alarm panel, AND the fact that an additional driver board OR replacement siren(s) may be needed, depending on what's being upgraded.  

This is all very basic information that would sure be nice to know before ordering.  IMO, a basic manual would be SUPER HELPFUL, and it would prevent damage.  In a few minutes, I wrote a manual that outlines EVERYTHING that is necessary to perform upgrading a legacy 10-zone alarm system while utilizing Konnected products and Home Assistant.  My manual includes all zone details, etc., that are particular to my implementation and it is less than five pages long!

Great news.

Do you plan to publish or share your manual?


Sure!  I''ll add a few details (such as the potential speaker issue) to the document, and attach it here...

Let me know if you have questions after I do so.