Smart Home Monitor

I am new to Konnected.  Was taking everything slowly and tried hooking up one door sensor and the siren.  I had everything working correctly in Smart Home Monitor except for the siren.  After doing some research I realized I could not use the new Smartthings app.  I removed everything from the new app, unistalled it and downloaded the Smartthings Classic app.  I connected my smartthings hub to the classic app, but I cannot add Smart Home Monitor from the marketplace.  I cannot figure out what I am missing to get Smart Home Monitor added to the dashboard.  Any suggestions?

Having the exact same issue. I can not find support on the konnected site or smartthings site for how to get the monitoring setting correct. And most posts here are years old, before there was a new smarthings app

Did you figure out how to get Smart Home Monitor working in new app?

Not sure why you should be having this problem. I have the new smart things app, I don’t have the hub. My siren shows up under devices in SmartThings and I can turn it on and off directly from smart things. I have programmed it for delay, length of play, notification sent to my phone.

I was able to resolve the problem by deleting the Samsung connection and re-establishing it.