Install is going horribly with smartthings

I have a smarthings home connect.  Logged into  github and software for konnected applied no problem.  All that shard BS looks gone, so please don't suggest that.  Fine.

However, I have no hubs listed in my samsung/connect/smarthings/whatever the hell they call the account.  However, the smarthings hub app appears in my phone app.  When I follow konnected video on the phone app, it will never find my konnected boards.

Has anyone gotten this to work with smartthings recently, as everything about them looks changed.

I just set mine up yesterday, and it worked fine.

Did you remember to go to Devices and add/publish them all in the website? I forgot to do this while trying to get my wife’s account connected (though I am still struggling there).

Hope that helps.

 Hey thanks for replying.  I don't think I can even get that far.  My samsung account doesn't even list a hub, does yours?  So publishing things doesn't even seem to matter.   I follow the instructions perfectly, but the mobile app searches and it never finds my connected devices that I know are on my network.

Yes. My hub was listed. I walked through the Hub setup before even unboxing the Konnected since the Boss said she wanted to do it all with me.

Did you ever get up and running? I’ve seen some other posts on here where people didn’t end up in the correct website for Samsung so ran into issues.

Ed - I also have a Samsung Home Connect powering my set-up, and I managed Konnect up and running.

If you haven't already, download the SmartThings classic app and log in with your Samsung account. Hopefully this will register your Home Connect with the IDE.