Discovery issue with Smartthings hub

I am at a loss.  I have everything built to work on the Smarththings hub but when I tap here to start discovery it wont find the Konnected device.  I reloaded Firmware...reset the Konnect device.  Konnect shows up in My Apps.  I can find other devices and add them to the Hub...but not the Konnect

I see this marked as Solved, but I don't see the solution linked. I'm in the exact same boat. How did this get fixed for you?

Me too.

I was able to get my issue resolved. What it turned out to be was that I had the SmartThings Hub attached to my network by way of Ethernet. Even though the Konnected panels were attached to the same network, SmartThings wasn't - too smart, that is. I had to reset the Hub, and attach it to the WiFi. Finally, it was like "oh, yeah - I see that!" Anyway - it's an issue with SmartThings, not Konnected in my case.

What do you mean by ‘attach it to wifi’? I have a v2 hub and it has to be connected by Ethernet.

I suspect mine is an issue with my router too and not the konnect devices. I just can’t figure it out.

Sorry for the slow response. For me it was an Authorization issue on Github. I only had Auth one of the items and not both.

So they both need OAuth enabled? I’ll try that. The instructions only had the service manager authorized.

Dustin - in my case, I originally set up the hub connected to Ethernet (it's an either/or situation - you can't have it connected to both). As a result, it for some reason could "see" certain compatible items, but not others. I could never get it to recognize the Konnected stuff. Finally, I did a reset of the hub and had it connect to WiFi instead of Ethernet. Then, it could "see" items (such as a Wemo plug and the Konnected devices) it couldn't see before. I have a 3rd gen. hub.

Thanks for the info Greg. At this point after spending money on Alarm Decoder hardware/software and never getting it to work and now on Konnected hardware, it may be cheaper to buy a 3rd gen hub and try that.