Konnected never shows in SmartThings Classic MyApps

I followed the instructions in the YouTube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbYTUciCfQ0&t=254s .  But Konnected never shows up in my SmartThings Classic MyApps section.  I created a GitHub account, linked it to SmartThings and followed the publishing instructions but I get nothing.  Could it be because I have a Pixel 3 running Android Pie?  

I got it figure out.  Apparently it was a problem with graph.api.smarthings.  My computer was connected to the wrong shard so it wasn't seeing my hub.  I followed the instructions below and it showed up and interestingly all the Konnected stuff I added was gone.  Re-added it and then it is now showing up in the app.

Goto IDE.smartthings.com 414 > login > Click My locations > Login again - Done