Inviting Others to a SmartThings Location

Hi everyone!
I’m in the middle of installing and setting everything up on my 18 zone system, and it has been going somewhat well (dead wires = no joy). I am at the point where I have set most of the automation up in my SmartThings account and have invited my wife so she can manage as well. Through the new app, all is bueno, but when it comes to using the Classic app, I cannot seem get them to sync correctly without setting it all up again.
Has anyone gotten the Classic app to work on an invited account? Any guidance is greatly appreciated!

For what it’s worth, I have gone through and added my GitHub account to get and done the Konnected setup through hey Samsung account, as well, but still no dice. When I try to add in SmartApps, it just doesn’t show. I also cannot see the devices here. The account shows as linked in my end, not just invited.

I finally figured this out.  

Because she already had a Samsung account, she had the default "Home" account. Once I renamed her location to "Home2", I was able to distinguish the locations in the app, and she now has full functionality from her phone.