Two locations in smartthings

Has anyone setup two locations with smartthings - eg a house and shed or two houses?

I am guessing you need to setup two Konnected clouds and link one to each location in smartthings?  

Doesn't seem to be a way to move devices between locations.

I have a house in the city and a house on a farm and I would like them all on one account but each system operated independently. 

 Nobody knows?  I don't think the konnected app supports using multiple accounts.  I have two locations, setup fine at the first one.  Now trying to migrate a device at second location and its showing up in my first location.  This is a HUGE issue, as it doesn't work in that location.

Nate, please advise!

 Ok, I got it working...

First, if you already setup a device and added it to the wrong location, contact support.  They have to de-register it from that location before it will register in another location.

Ok, in the connected app, you're going to need a different cloud account for each location.

When you add konnected as a device in the new smartthings app, be sure your connected app is signed in to the account you want for that location.  You need to add the device (which just links ST to KC) for the location you want it.  i.e. when you link ST and KC at home, it binds those devices on that KC account to that location.  If you have other devices at home #2, set them up in KC, then link ST and KC. 

It's kind of confusing and took some trial an error, but does seem to work.

Yes that’s what I ended up doing - the app gets confused if you switch accounts as you end up with a list of devices and can’t see which one you added to what account unless you track is yourself. I ended up using two devices one for each site. SmartThings itself works well like this but you need to reproduce all you settings and automations for each site including setting up all users.

Been working for around a month now quite well.

But now I have a new dilemma - I have a bunch of sheds that I can add Konnected to as it’s so cheep and simple - problem is they really need to be treated as a seperate site as you want them on when you are home - I could use the at home zone and add them to that I guess but that would mean I wouldn’t be able to arm the house perimeter at night or the sheds would not be armed during the day.

Hi All  

  Yes we are planning us this konnected divices  on multiple sites where when we add them in SmartThings app no way to select the particular device with  location need a solutions for this 

So when I go ahead and try to link the new location to the Konnected account in the app,it still links to the other one used for the first location. How do I make smart things forget that previous log in?

I got two locations working in Smartthings as well. You need to create the second location in Smartthings first. You have to have two Konnected accounts. Sign In to your first account in Konnected App, then unregister all the devices that should be in your second location. Sign In to your second Konnected account and register the devices that are at the second location. When you register, Smartthings will ask which location your Konnected account should be associated with.