Extra zones existing in Konnected Cloud I cannot remove

I had one konnected board and set it up with zones in konnected cloud and over to smartthings.  Was fine.  Then board failed and I got a replacement one.  I removed the  old device from the konnected app, and added the new one in.  Configured zones for it and over to smartthings.  But now I have two sets of zones showing up in smartthings, one set from the old board and one set from the new board.  I cannot delete those smartthings "devices" in smartthings, because it says "the device is connected through another service.  If you don't want SmartThings to rediscover this device, delete it from the other service as well".

Unfortunately, the device to which those zones belong is no longer in the konnected app, and there's no way to clean up those invalid zones in the app.  Unless someone knows a way - any way?

I have this exact same issue - did you manage to resolve it at all? It's driving me mad!

I raised a support ticket and Konnected support manually fixed the data in the cloud.  Was excellent support from them.