Retrieve saved zones

I have a simple question that I hope have a simple answer. How can I retrieve or look at the zone names and information I originally set up through the Konnected app? 

I have multiple Konnected v2 boards. They were originally set up and zoned with Konnected Cloud. and then linked with SmartThings to monitor sensors, activate the alarm etc. All that has been and is working well.  But I lost my notes on the wiring setup, which took me a while to set up. I just want to retrieve my configuration (zone and sensor names) as I'm moving over to a Home Assistant hub.

Home Assistant finds the boards, but gives me an empty configuration. Each zone disabled.
SmartThings still works, but doesn't tell me specifics about what zone each sensor is connected to.
Konnected app doesn't show anything. And only lets me open the Home Assistant page, which again now is empty. Konnected Cloud or the old setup seems to be gone from the app?

So as far as I see the information is there, just the details are hidden from me as a user I guess.