How do I zone what is wired to each zone?

 Nothing on my older system is labeled? How do I know if it is a door sensor, camera, window break or what?

I had the same problem after completing my install yesterday. The only thing I was able to identify from the wiring was the motion sensor because it had 4 cables. So I ended up just assigning everything else as windows and doors with the names I would have assigned to each. I then wires everything regardless of what sensor it might truly be. Then, I opened each window or door, saw which actual Smartthing item changed status and renamed that display name to its true name. Problem is that now the display names don't match the zone name. So I sent a ticket, but hadn't heard back. In the interim, I figured out that I could do the same process on the wiring panel. Close all sensors. Then at the panel, disconnect each zone wire one at a time and see which device status changes. Then knowing it's display name, go to the Konnected SmartApp and change the zone name for the wire you removed. Then reattach that wire and move to the next week and do the same  process till you identify all zone.