How do I know what pane is what?!

OK, konnected actually managed to find some of the panels.  If I configure the zones in the app, how am I going to know which panel to wire where.  Every one of the panels looks the same, and all I have is a crypted alpha-numeric ID on the app to identify them.  Of course, the video only gives an example of of one being done.

Am I stuck doing this process 4 times, instead of everything once?  Or doing some duck tape label hack to keep track of them?  

It's already identified 3 in the app and I don't know which is which.

I ended up running discovery 4 times.... and sticking a tape label on each.

Once they are powered up you can do "restart device" and look for the blue light to blink on the board.

Or you could power them up one at a time to discover and ID them.