Help. Different color wires crimped together :(

Working on my installation and I have different color wires  (green / yellow crimped to black / red) in sort of a daisy chain.  I don't know what to do with these.  Do I cut them apart?

Most likely it is a set of sensors like door/window that they have wired as a single zone. For instance you might have sensor on each window downstairs or in one room, but you wire them together so that when one of them is activated it shows. With Konnected you can leave them as one zone or separate them. 

Only odd thing with that is there is two wires together. My guess is they were using 4 strand wire and just wired them together. If you know where at least one of them connect to, I'd go and pull a sensor off and see what the other end looks like. If you don't know where they go, I'd tone them to identify them. 

Hope that helps.

Thanks Andy.  It's a weird setup that Brinks had done many years ago when we built the house.  I just left it as is for now. Maybe later if a get bored I'll break up the senor group.  For now I've got everything working except siren. Had to order the Honeywell replacement for the old speaker.  Next project is replacing the keypads with tablets.

Going to get off topic here. The only thing I haven't figured out is that when I arm the system with smartthings smart home monitor, it will arm with windows open!  That can't be right.  I guess I need to change a setting somewhere.