Problems re-syncing with Smartthings

Hoping someone might be able to give some advice on re-syncing to Smartthings. Earlier this week I noticed Smartthings would not change states when my doors open and closed. I saw the blue LED was flashing on the Konnected board. I thought it wasn't connected to wifi but when I checked it looked like it was connecting and disconnecting. 

I contacted support and Nate responded that it was probably a reboot loop. He ask if I had added or removed any sensors when the problem started, I had. I added a siren to zone 5. He suggested a re-flash and re-sync. I did the re-flash and that took care of the flashing LED and I can see where it is staying connected to wifi.

The problem I have now is I can't re-sync with Smartthings. Following the re-sync instructions from the web site, step 6 it says tap "Done".  On my app, classic, it shows "Save" not "Done". When I tap "Save" it pops up an error saying "Error saving page". I waiting to hear back from Nate on this issue.

I thought I would post here to see if anyone else has had this problem. I was wondering if I could remove Konnected from Smartthings and then reinstall it. I'm not exactly sure of that process though. What's weird to me is that I can activate the alarm that is connected to the alarm output but there is no response to the sensors. I believe I read somewhere that the blue led should flash when a sensor is opened or closed and it does not.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

 I have the same issue.  I had a konnected board working for a number of months, added a third relay to it and renamed a couple of zones - the rename wont save "Error saving page".  the exiting zones and relays work - the changes and new additions don't.

With Nate's help I got it working again. I even tried to delete my Konnected device from Smartthings to try and reinstall it and would get the same "Error saving page" message. Nate advised me that the problem was that one or more of the sensors were being used by an automation or SmartApp. He had me delete each sensor by going to My Home in the Smartthings app. Tap on each sensor and then tap Remove. After I did that I was able to delete my Konnected device from Smartthings and reinstall it. It's been working fine since.

When my problem started none of the zones would respond but I could force the Alarm on, not zone 5. Nate said that a reboot loop can happen when the Smartthings settings get out of sync. He said resetting and re-sync will usually fix the problem.