Zones hooked up to program 1/2 (really OUT1 and OUT2) on Concord 4 not showing up in Konnected app

So I am setting up Konnected, things are mostly working, today I got to the point where I am trying to have Konnected detect the armed and triggered state for my alarm. I programmed my keypad with the allegedly right codes, and hooked up OUT1 and OUT2 to zones 9 and 10, but they are not showing up in the connected app sensors- on the Konnected app/status page. I restarted the device, still no good- only zones 1-8 appear. I also turned the potentiometers all the way up and down until the lights went on and off in case it thought there was nothing on the line. 

Why did this happen and how do I fix this? 

I don’t think one would connect OUT1 or OUT2 to a Zone rather a relay but I could be wrong. This is what I am trying to figure out myself.