Which reliable sensor for a garage: motion or door?

I have a double attached garage with an electric double roller door (rolls up and over). I intend to fit a wired sensor for the house alarm (konnected pro). Which type of sensor is likely to be more reliable without false alarms: a motion or a door sensor? Are there any particular models or features to look for to get a reliable one?

I may add both eventually, but my priority is to add the most reliable and critical, now.

SM-226L-3Q Seco-Larm Overhead Door Mount N.C. Magnetic Contact w/ 3 Wires for N.O./N.C. Applications (One Pack) https://a.co/d/cRk0BxZ

This is an easy to install door sensor, and can be wired for Normally Open or Normally Closed. Should be able to wire direct to your alarm panel.

One way (NO/NC) works better than the other with automatic garage door openers, in case the door gets stuck it’ll say the door is still open. I forgot which way it is. Test every scenario thoroughly.

Thanks for this, aaronouthier. I can’t find this exact model in the UK but I can find similar and I like this approach. I may add a motion sensor later for automating the lights and as a second layer of protection.

For what it’s worth, a similar sensor is shown on the Konnected store. However, it is 2-wire instead of 3, so it’ll be either NO or NC, but not selectable.

I appreciate this. UK models are similar, space bar clicker and I like this approach. I may add a motion sensor for light automation and security.