Veritas Elite arm/disarm via V2.1 interface relay

I’m completely new to Konnected kit and this forum and looking for help.

I have a wired Veritas Elite alarm panel with multiple keypads which has worked well for yrs. Decided to try to make it Smart or replace completely but come across Konnected Interface so purchased this week.

Followed the instructions and utibe videos etc carefully and got all working except for the arm/disarm using keyswitch.

I’ve tested the panel settings with a simple wire loop and when closed the alarm goes into arm, close the loop again and it disarms which suggests the panel is setup correctly. I can see all my sensors and door catches etc operating correctly in Smartthings and have setup a ‘switch’ and connected the relay to my panel on zone 5 which is set to keyswitch etc. When I operate the switch in ST nothing happens in the panel or keypad? Tried momentary switch with different time delays but nothing.

Can anyone tell me if the V2.1 relay physically ‘clicks’ on a working system? Mine doesn’t make any sound at all?

There is a single connection from the WiFi module at 3v ‘out’ to 3v ‘in’ on the interface, should this show 3v output when activated? Mine shows no voltage change at all when switched via ST? The WiFi blue light flashes once and the 5th zone led light goes out suggesting the WiFi module is recieving a signal?

Anyone an ideas or info on setup to make this work? Driving me insane!!