Using Synology Reverse Proxy

 I got my konnected toys last weekend and have had a blast playing with it.  A little about my setup, I have Hassio running on a RPI3, and I have a Synology system running my reverse proxy for various services.

I followed this article "Synology Reverse Proxy" to add the custom headers that HA recommends, and I have certs from LetEncrypt that work well for all my services.

So my problem, what I have read so far is that Konnected needs to stay on http, hence the reverse proxy.  I have synology set up to take my https url and redirect it to my http konnected ip, and that works except that most of my browsers if it allows me access at all complains that the connection is not secure.

Anyone have experience using synology's reverse proxy for this that might help me around my problem?

I deleted and reissued my certs to include the new sub domain for HA.  Everything works now