Temperature & humidity sensor stops reporting until unplugged and plugged in again

Has anyone else had a temperature & humidity sensor stop reporting until it is unplugged and plugged in again, but all other sensors on the board still work fine?

I'm using the temperature & humidity sensor mainly as a heartbeat to tell if the board stops working (which they say will be in one of the future firmware updates so I'm looking forward to that), however the temperature & humidity sensor was the only device that stopped working so I figured the sensor went bad.  Before unscrewing the sensor from the wall and replacing it I figured I'd just try pulling the three wires out and plug them back in and it started reporting again (Hubitat).


 This happened a second time, this time I just removed the + then plugged it back in a few seconds later and it started reporting again.

Hi, I have had three temperature sensors working for a long time while they were connected to Smartthings API. Recently my boards stopped connecting to Wifi. I was advised to integrate the Konnected to the cloud.  I changed to Konnected cloud integration my temperature sensors stopped updating or reporting altogether. Does any one has any ides. I unplugged restarted but nothing changed. All other sensors CO2, CO, NG as well as the door and windows contacts work.