Konnected sensors keep disappearing in config

I have a Hubitat and Konnected Pro panel. Everything worked fine for quite a while, then recently I started to notice that Konnected would lose all of it’s sensors. In the Configuration Information all the Binary and Actuators would be nothing but square brackets.

To fix it, I go to my Hubitat apps, click on my “Konnected Pro Panel” app, click “Next” which would show all my Zones and such with their setting and name, then I just scroll to the bottom and click Done. After doing this, after a couple of minutes, everything is detected again. It works fine for a while, then seems to forget everything every couple of days or so. I updated the Konnected firmware to the latest (1.3.7/1.1.2-795643) and Hubitat has been updated (currently on, but just saw is available and will be installing that).

Any ideas why I keep losing all my sensor/actuator info?

Do you have another hub or anything online that may have previously been synced to Konnected? They could be clobbering each other.

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I did just recently bring a Home Assistant instance online, but I’m pretty sure my problems started before that. I still have everything connected to my Hubitat hub, and have Home Assistant using hacs-hubitat to see and interact with all of my zwave/zigbee devices. The Konnected board is still synced to the Hubitat hub, which is the only thing I’ve ever synced it to.

I had the Konnected board connected under devices in HA. I disabled it and it hasn’t done it since. I guess I got the timing wrong in my head. It seems you were correct nate.


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