Sometimes board goes offline and doesn't 'come back'?

On two occasions I have observed my Konnected board (presumably) lose its WiFi connection and seemingly doesn't recover properly from that.

Meaning sensors are left in the open state (when they are not) and the alarm refuses to arm.

This is very annoying and not at all a hallmark of a professional bit of kit (I've got the 'Pro').

Correct behaviour should be to attempt a reconnect and if that fails to do a soft reset of the board every couple of minutes until a connection is reeestablished.

I am going to hard wire an ethernet connection to the board but I'm surprised the resilience for WiFi isn't stronger.

I'd like to edit my original post but it doesn't look like the forum has that feature.

Basically I forgot to mention if I physically press reset on the board then the connection (which might have been down for hours) pops back up with a minute with correct sensor states.

I have had the same issue there times no an pressing the reset button fixes it everytime.  Please look into this and get this issue resolved.  I lost power for a few minutes last time and it didn't come back up until I pressed the reset button. 

This happens about once a week for me. Latest firmware. Unplugging or hitting the reset button fixes it immediately.

Is there anyway to explore the device state when it’s like this? Can I plug into into USB and access logs or something?

Use Ethernet. Board WiFi unreliable. Ethernet rock solid


I have my Pro 12-station unit into a smart plug. When I notice in SmartThings that there is no connection, I turn the plug off, then on. It will then reconnect.
I can go days without a functioning alarm and not know about it.
Does anyone have a way to set up a heartbeat app to detect if Konnected is working?

Has anyone found a way to resolve this issue? I am connected via Ethernet (POE) and I am having same issue.

I’m hoping this is resolved after all these years.

As far as I know this is resolved with later hardware and firmware revisions. It’s designed to automatically reboot as a failsafe. If you’re still having similar issues please let me know the hardware model and version and firmware version.