Konnected Pro Board reboots every 15 mins or so

Whenever I check the status page for my Pro board, it  always reports an up time of only a few mins. And sometimes when I’m looking at the board, I’ll see it reboot for no apparent reason. The board’s aux power is powering 2 motion sensors and a chime, so nothing with big current draw. The board is powered by the A/C adapter that it came with, and is connected via Ethernet not Wi-Fi. Any idea why it would reboot so often, and what I should do to fix this?

I've noticed the same with mine, albeit sometimes it could be 30 mins or several hours. But it seems to randomly restart.

I was thinking it might have been a poor wi-fi signal, obviously with yours it can't be because of that.

I have the same problem.

If I ping it it stops responding for 12 seconds, responds for like 8 seconds over and over

Currently on version 1.1.1
Using included wallet for power
Wifi perfect signal - Unifi equipment, haven’t tried on ethernet/PoE yet

I've switched to a hard-wired network connection, it appears to be a lot better. I'm still testing/monitoring so will report back tomorrow.

I've been told that the wi-fi signal strength should be 50% or better (as reported by thr Konnected board)