Remove old board from configuration

Hi - I am replacing my add-on board with an alarm panel board (thanks, Konnected support, for help with this!).

I do not see any way to remove the old board from the Konnected app config? Any ideas?



In the Konnected app, tap on the device you want to remove. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the section titled Danger Zone then tap on Konnected Cloud, then tap De-register.

Thanks, Nate for that info. I did complete the process to “de-register”; however, the device remains on my list (see image). Is there another step that needs to be completed?

Do the same thing again & you will see something thats pop’s up to forget this device. I had to power up the old one to do it. Hope this helps I just did this today after seeing you had the same problem as me.

Thanks for the reply, Paul. Unfortunately, the old board has been returned to Konnected for an upgrade. As such, it looks like there is no obvious way to remove the old entry. I may just have to live with it.

I am ok with that, but you know how “tech-minded” people can obsess over annoying details like this.



It should come up with an option to “Forget Device”
can you post a screenshot?

Thanks for the follow-up, Nate. When I scroll down to the board that I want to remove (see image from initial posing here) and click on Danger Zone/Konnected Cloud it wants me to register and assign zones. I never see the option to Forget Device.

The device shows up as unreachable.

@PeterB I am having the same issue, so thanks for bringing this up. I had to RMA a device for faulty ethernet plug and I can’t get rid of it no matter what I try. Same exact issue as you are describing, same screenshots you are posting.

Hi Tiger - thanks for responding to the post. Its nice to know that I am not alone on this. As I said, its really not a big issue at all, just a little annoyance whenever you look at the app. I think I could have avoided the issue by removing the device from the app BEFORE I disconnected and removed it.