Remote Monitoring and "ALARM" condition

I have a Konnected pro board on order. I will use this device along with some smartthings devices and a fire tablet. Replacing an old Guardian panel and leaving all hard wired sensors in the home as they currently work great.
My question , This equipment is in a second home located far from my primary home. In case of a sensor actuation/intrusion event how else can i be notified remotely? Will use a cell phone primarily but would be great to have a dedicated device in my primary residence to alarm at 2AM if my cell phone is off or left outside the master bedroom. Currently have many cameras that give notifications but many are located outside and are ignored until morning. As for an alarm system i would want to be shaken out of bed if an “ALARM” condition occurs.
Any ideas would be appreciated.

Pretty simple if you’re using SmartThings. If you have both your home location and the 2nd home location on the same SmartThings account and Konnected account, then the Konnected devices can be shared between locations.

So just set up a siren or alarm in your primary home and add it to SmartThings in the 2nd home location, too. Then create a response to the intrusion event in the 2nd location to trigger that siren in your primary location.

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