Questions about doing a install

I have a Napco 24 zone system now.

24 zones
3 fire (2-wire)
Two glass breaks
Two motion detectors
Two sirens

I installed it myself 25 years ago.  I would like to upgrade to this system.  How would I power the glass break and Motion Detectors? I see the 12V AUX power.  Will it drive two glass and two motion?  What is the output of the siren pins?  A voltage or a speaker output?  If it is a speaker output can you say things like “FIRE FIRE”  “BURGLERY BURGLERY”?  That is how my current system works. What is the max amount of zones?

I read people recommend an Amazon Fire for the panel.  Are there better solutions?  I do not want a USB wire sticking out the side of my panel.  Can the panel be setup to beep when a door or window are opened?

I watched the videos and they answer some of my questions.  I a going to assume the 12V AUX power will drive my 2 glass and 2 motion.  The siren output is 12V out or Chirp mode.  I found a Napco device called the MVA-1000 that takes a Chirp input and outputs voice to a speaker.  That would fix that issue.  Can the system be setup to drive the siren out on one board if it is a burglary and drive the siren out on another board if it is fire?

In one of the videos they show using one of the zones as an output to drive a piezo. Can you do that?  In the other video it shows the new board with the 5v out driving a piezo.   I am still looking for a good looking panel to use.

Sean, could you share more about your Napco installation. I have a Napco and wanted to learn more about the transition into Konnected as I am interested.

Sean, I wanted to learn more about your Napco integration. I have a Napco P1632 and looking to use Konnected, please share where you evolved to.