Brinks Panel Question & Powering Tablets

I'm preparing to take on rewiring my system and was looking for some input. 

The wiring of the zones makes sense to me from watching the videos. My question relates to the rest of the wires. Any idea what the other wires may be? Not sure what SF, Bell, Earth (ground?), etc may be. 

My plan is to wire up tablets and replace the two current panels. With that, I want to draw power from the old wiring? I'm assuming that means some of these unknown wires are what's powering the panels currently, and thus need to be hooked to the Konnected board. Is this correct? 

Finally, the AC power that's coming into the box goes out and then down the wall into the floor. There's not an outlet in the closet at all. Is there any way to use the power that's coming in and wire it up to the Konnected power adapter?