Powering multiple boards

I just received my first Alarm Panel 12 system that came with a board and an add-on board. I’m going to flash them with ESPHome and begin a test run with our wiring. I think we have about 30 zones so I’m ultimately likely to get several more boards. My question is about powering them. My kit came with a splitter but if I need five boards, I don’t want to have three power bricks and several splitters. Since the panel is in her closet, my wife would kill me if she had a bunch of power bricks and cables running up her wall. The old system had low voltage wiring running in the wall from the outlet so I am thinking of utilizing that with one of the optional power terminals that Konnect sells. My question is whether I then need to use another terminal plug to plug into the board or is there a way to connect the bare wires to supply power? Is there then a way to ‘daisy chain’ the boards with low voltage wiring without using multiple terminal plugs to convert the low voltage wiring back into a power plug at every board?

Related, the old wiring going to all of the powered sensors (maybe 10) is connected in parallel with wire nuts so that only a single pair of wires went to the aux power outlet on the old board. Can I tap into that to power my boards? I’m thinking I can use a single power brick, convert the plug to low voltage wiring using the Konnect terminal, connect it to the existing low voltage wiring in the wall that powered the old board, then connect that to the wire nuts powering all of the sensors and the new boards. Is that feasible?